A semi work free weekend is nice. Makes you creative and spontaneous.

For the first time in 2.5 years I’ve made a tanning spot out on our back porch. For some reason it’s never really felt suitable as a bikini-hangout-spot, plus it gets incredibly hot and horrible in windless areas in DC at this time of year. But it worked out OK, and I lasted about 2 hours out there before I surrendered to the AC.

Feet + sky.

Then I got a call from mr. Bell about something about drinks on U st. Felt like an excellent idea. I showered off some sweat and sunscreen and the rest is history.

Sean and Peter also introduced me to the joy of the City Bike Share. Great system where you sign up as a user(pay a daily or monthly fee), and you can just go and randomly pick up bikes when you feel like it. You just have to park it back into one of the assigned parking spots anywhere around the city.

Navigating to the next parking spot.

We went from Arlington to Georgetown. Georgetown to Dupont. Adams Morgan to Columbia Heights.

Coming in for parking